vi coactus

{compelled by force}

I can shut down my emotions so readily.

(Both at will and when I least expect it.

Like a doctor barely missing the knee-hit with a reflex hammer: it doesn’t connect, but still triggers.)

I wish I couldn’t.

Out in a skirt = 2000% more men talking at me

womp womp

Out in a skirt alone, which is rare
I’d be totally cool with it if it weren’t so fucking windy out

I’ve found that since coming out as a trans woman, I have developed a very high tolerance for shame, and it’s been a really pleasant development.

Once you manage to say, “you know how we’re all taught that the worst thing for a man to be is a woman? Well, that’s me,” it becomes a hell of a lot easier to laugh at yourself when you do stupid shit, admit when you fucked up, and talk openly about things that are supposed to be too embarrassing to discuss in public.

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i have a v serious hand moisturizing routine every day and you should too

I’m picturing you sitting there every morning, face the very image of grim concern, slathering your hands with whatever concoction, when you’re interrupted by a roommate who says, “hey, have you seen m-“, to which you reply, “SHUT UP I’M MOISTURIZING.”

For Every Flower Forced To Bloom, 2013 

digital film stills

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